Monday, February 23, 2009

Quote Of The Week

It is not difficult to determine what would be the form and character of the State were it governed according to the principles of Christian philosophy. Man's natural instinct moves him to live in civil society, for he cannot, if dwelling apart, provide himself with the necessary requirements of life, nor procure the means of developing his mental and moral faculties. Hence, it is Divinely ordained that he should lead his life ----- be it family, or civil ----- with his fellow men, amongst whom alone his several wants can be adequately supplied. But, as no society can hold together unless some one be over all, directing all to strive earnestly for the common good, every body politic must have a ruling authority, and this authority, no less than society itself, has its source in nature, and has, consequently, God for its Author. Hence, it follows that all public power must proceed from God.

----Pope Leo XIII, On the Christian Constitution of States


Batjacboy said...

Great quote. The Founding Fathers, interestingly, said much the same. It's only the modern-day generations that think that God should be removed from the governments and schools.

And we see now where that attitude has brought us.

Rita said...

It's strange how somthing that seems so obvious, isn't to many people.

Hey, Batjacboy, I like your new picture.

John Wayne??

Aunt Laura said...

Like i have always though its one nation under GOD. That is just what it should be. In government and in our schools.

Mama said...

There is a reason that it says 'In God We Trust' on the money that supports this great nation.

Dex said...

@Mama: You're right... & that reason is the state religion of USSR was Atheism, so in the 50s the govt put the phrase "under God" in the pledge of allegiance & "In God We Trust" on the money to differentiate itself from the godless commies & equate being a christian with US nationalism.

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