Monday, February 9, 2009

Children in Church

It amazes me how different some children act during Mass, some cry non-stop, jump all around the pews and scream at the top of their lungs, and other's are quiet, somewhat fidgety but non disruptive and pretty well behaved. Now, I understand that the fact that I do not have children means that I might not understand how difficult it is to keep them under control, but what amazed me most was noticing that the children in the larger families of our Parish are often more well behaved than the families with 1-2 children. Now, I'm not putting anyone down, I'm just found myself wondering, why?

Asking this question caused me to do a search on tips on children behaving in Church, the article I found is really good. There ideas for infants and toddlers.


Sarah said...

hi, this is sarah from sadiekatecreations. i appreciate your interest in my new business :) yes, i do take special requests except for large blanket (baby blankets are okay).

Aussie Therese said...

Hi Rita,

Nice blog you have here. I love meeting converts to the faith.

With our 7 children we have learnt over the years of taking them all to mass the best way to make them behave. I remember when we had 2 children and a friend of mine that had 6 could have his 3 year old sit on his lap for the whole mass without making a sound. I was amazed that he was able to train his child to do this.

Our 7th child is just about 4 and we haven't ever had a problem with him in Mass. He sits quietly and rarely gets into trouble.


Ruthie said...

This has nothing to do with this subject.

Sorry. But I have to say I love the player you have.

It is so pretty and relaxing whilst I am reading your blog.

By the by, I am off next Wed and Thurs. Not this week, but next week. Do you want to try to get together then?

And thank you ever so much for my lovely message yesterday. It was so nice to hear you two singing. I saved it!

Love you!

Rita said...


Next week is much better for me too. But I'll get back to you on the day.

RD said...

Hi Rita,

I only have 2 kids so far, but come from a family of 7 children.
We had to (from a young age), sit when our parents sat, stand when they stood, and always face the front.

I do the same with my takes a lot of persisting though and strict discipline.

I used to take a heap of toys in my bag, now I only take a small note pad and pencil, and they only get that as a last resort.
I find the more toys you have, they fight over them, so no toys works better for me.

With really young ones, the dummy is a life saver, and 1 or 2 soft toys.
I don't let them crawl around, I hold them and don't make a fuss when they get whingy, they are usually just testing you, even little babies:)

You have to have certain rules for them in Mass and stick to them, they soon catch on.
Such as not crawling or standing on the seats, face the front, don't play outside the pew, etc...

Mama said...

I think that certain behavior, such as being quiet, sitting still, and not interrupting is taught at home before one ventures into the public arena. One could say that being one of many, and having to wait your turn teaches patience at a young age. I believe that if you are not allowed to stand on the chairs at home you won't do it anywhere else. Chairs are made to be sat on, not stood on.

Mama said...

To continue...Most behavior is learned through observation, if your children are with you as you wait patiently in line (not complainting or whining), they learn that there are times to wait. If you do not scream, neither do they. Truly, most children want to be like mom or dad when they are little. Just being a good example is a good beginning.

Rita said...

I love hearing everyone's thoughts on the subject.

Thank you!!

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