Saturday, February 7, 2009

Octuplet Mom (selfish??)

The story of the woman who gave birth to octuplets about a week ago (link's below) was very fascinating to me, not in the I think she did a great thing kinda way, but it had me wondering what kind of person is this, what is going through her mind? While the news kept asking the question "are the choices this woman made selfish or not?" I had already made my opinion, and in reading the comments from an interview given by the mother on MSNBC, she has proven me right. The decision to have these babies (all 14) was a completely selfish act. What kind of person intentionally brings a child into the world with out a father, a good chance for a healthy life, and the love and care, and attention that they deserve? Read the interview and really pay attention to how many times she says "I feel" or "I wanted", it's amazing how much I this and I that there is in the story. What about what's best for them?

What's your take?


Batjacboy said...


Totally agree. I noticed all the "I"s too.

Sad really. The NY Times has on its best seller list a book that shows that one of the single worst things you can do to a child is bring it into the world without a father. And now this woman has 14 of them. All because of what she wanted for herself.

Somebody should have taught her that the minute you get pregnant, it stops being about the "self."

Heidi said...

What was a good point. I cannot imagine raising 14 children on my own. Thanks for sharing this story!!

Ruthie said...

I have an issue with this, yes I do.

Now, I am going to say that if she was a single woman that wanted to conceive but couldn't, she may have science help her out.

But that is based on your own beliefs and what you are comfortable with.

In this case however, the fact that she continued to have baby after baby like she was a sideshow bothers the heck out of me.

I watched part of her interview and was disgusted by her "me me me" attitude. I was also really worried when I saw the first interviews from her neighbors.

Most of them said they had no idea there were already 6 children in the house. Doesn't that sound strange to anyone else but me?

Where are these mysterious other kids? Someone needs to investigate this woman's mental health and soon. I fear for those children and their safety.

Rita said...


I didn't actually get to watch the interview, so I didn't know of the comments from the neighbors. You would think people would notice 6 kids running around.

Aunt Laura said...

I was very concerned about this woman. What is lacking in her life that she need to have so many babies. Children need loving parents and i do mean both parents. Its sad that she is showing her children that marriage is not an issue if you want to have children.

Anonymous said...

I've seen and heard a lot lately about this case. Has anyone picked up on how she "just loves babies..."? But it is mostly her parents that are raising the older children. She reminds me of those people who love puppies and kittens, but not cats and dogs. Remember folks, babies grow up. The only positive thing about this catastrophe is that they are all full-blood sisters and brothers. They are going to need each other.

Mama said...

This is Mama again, aka Anonymous. To continue my comment...Isn't there any legal way to notify the man whose donor sperm she has used for ALL of these babies that he is the father of 14 children?
Het out there, all you college & med. students think about the choices you are making when you think you need extra cash. Donating is also a selfish act.

Marilyn said...

I have tried so hard to find something charitable about this case - but frankly I can't understand it. I am very pro-life and all for big families - but where there is a dad and a mum. I cannot understand how she was allowed fertility treatment with 6 children. It seems all about her and not the children. As the mother of preemie twins - I cannot understand how she is going to cope as the single mother of 8 preemies (let alone the cost of premature infants). And as the mother of (almost) 6 children - I have no idea why anyone would want more children as a single mother - I am so glad to have a very involved husband -there is no way I (or my children!!) would survive without a loving, patient, kind and energetic daddy!!

I am getting kind of angry as well when people compare large Catholic families to this case. Society in general is very anti-children and we get a lot of criticism for having our sixth child - and I was very uncomfortable when my eye doctor this morning asked if I was trying to be like the mother of those octuplets. I patiently explained to her that there is a huge difference between a single mother having all these children through fertility - and a loving married couple having children naturally.

OK - enough ranting for now...

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