Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Day In The Garden!

I woke up this morning and thought a lot about the next 40 days, and all of the things I intend to do and not to do for Lent. I already knew the everyday sacrifice I will be making, but what I would do to help me advance spiritually I was still a little unsure of. Then I went to Mass. I went in early, to discuss my plans with Our Lord, and as I had hoped, by the time Mass was over I knew exactly what I would carry out for this Lenten Season.

On my way home I decided to stop by Home Depot to pick up some flowers, pots, and potting soil. I started planting as soon as I arrived at home and I had a blast. Spending quiet time in the garden allowed me extra time to ponder the coming days. It also made for some good alone time with me and God.

These were labeled "Innocence" & they were pretty, so I bought them

These were labeled "breath of heaven", so I bought them

A tomato plant & 3 red bell peppers

Our Fountain & the 2 plants I potted today, there will be more soon. This is just the beginning.

My Sweeties putting green

Our statue of Our Lady

Our statue of Our Lady (up close)

Our finally unwrapped BBQ. The first counter top we had we absolutely awful, so we kept the BBQ covered until we replaced it, well, it's replaced. We are so excited that we can finally start using it.


Aunt Laura said...

Your yard sure is beautiful. I cant wait to see it in person.

Aunt Laura said...

I love your statue of our lady. That area seems like it would be quite and comforting. A place to go and just sit. Hey maybe a little bench for sitting while praying.

Rita said...

My mom has a bench for us, she just fixed it up. But I think it's meant for kids, hopefully Paul can handle it.

Mama said...

Love your garden. The countertop looks great. What an improvement.
I can always do another bench (for adults), what do you think?

ACMiH said...

How beautiful Rita!!

Aussie Therese said...

love your flowers and the statue of Our Lady is gorgeous. Enjoy your bbq.

Ruthie said...

What a beautiful place. It seems that soon you will have a lovely backyard to relax and meditate in.

I love the alcove the statue is in. I would put a lighted archway with some flowers over her, but that's just me.

Marilyn said...

Rita - what a beautiful and peaceful garden - makes me want to come and visit and say the rosary there! And what a lovely thing to do for Lent! I have a little Mary garden in my front yard - but I cleared it out last fall - not sure I will be able to do anything in it as my tummy is getting in the way! Do you want to visit and get it shipshape for me!!?

Rita said...


I would like to have a staue in our front yard, but we have a homeowners association and we're not allowed staues of any kind.

Aunt Laura said...

I would love to have one for my yard. I would love one to put out in my back yard. I will have to start looking. It is so beautiful.

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