Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Medical Treatment

Every time I know of someone who has been to the doctor for a medical problem and after I've heard the results that the doctor gave them I turn to the web to do my own research, and I also have other docs around me that I can get info from. Now, my question about that is, do I talk to my friend about what I find, or keep my mouth shut since they usually trust their own doctor's? Also, more and more of us are started to research illnesses on the web and are being accused of self diagnosing. Is that a bad thing? Should we simply listen to what our docs tell us or should we inform ourselves and discuss what we know with our docs?

Please let me know what you think.


Heidi said...

Very interesting post. I have gotten to the point where I have stopped listening to doctors. I get severe migraines and went to the doctor to try and find a cure and all I got was a perscription for some drugs. I couldn't believe it. I didn't just want pills, I wanted an answer to why my head was killing me all the time.

So as for the answer to your question...definitely do research on your own and ask others their thoughts. Sorry I realize that I just vented to you, but doctors drive me crazy!! Happy Tuesday.

Aunt Laura said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you. I have always respected a dr. opinion and if i have felt i need a second one i don't mind at all asking for one. But sometimes i have felt like they just say well don't worry about it now and you leave feeling like nothing was resolved. I am so guilty of looking online and scaring the heck out of myself. I would really like to know if we should research the problem and then present to the dr. with more knowledge or are dr. getting so frustrated that everyone comes in and tell them what wrong with them. For example perscription drugs we are so inidated with commercials of these cure all meds. Are they really informing us or just trying to sell a product. I think i liked it better when you went to the dr. and he perscribed what was best. Sometimes i think it makes us mistrust the people who where trainned to do there job. I don't know i think i am starting to ramble.

Batjacboy said...

All commercials are trying to sell something. The product may work for some, but it won't work for everyone.

Any doctor that gets frustrated or offended because you brought up something you read online shouldn't be trusted. Is he insecure? Worried you might have found something he missed? I know a doctor, a tall pasty-white hand surgeon who doesn't mind at all when someone says, "Hey, I read about such-and-such online--will it work for me?" He just tells them the truth--"Yes, because . . ." or "Probably not, because . . ." Every patient deserves, and has the right, to be TAUGHT by their doctor.

Bottom line: if it doesn't make sense--ask. If it still doesn't make sense--research. And if in doubt, get a 2nd opinion (and third, and fourth).

You are NOT there for the doctor--the doctor is there for you.

Aunt Laura said...

Thank you batjacboy. I really appreciate your opinion. Rita i want to thank you for putting this question on your blog. These are things i have wondered for along time.

RD said...

Great post!
Right up my ally:)

I ALWAYS do my own research now.
But when I do my research on the web, I look up many different websites.

I certainly only have a little faith in my doctors, even when seeing a professional, I suppose I've dealt with so many different circumstances where they have been wrong or 'guessed' too much.

For instance, I am pregnant with my 3rd, and so many doctors are all for:
- epidurals (they have risks)
- ceasarians (slower recovery, risks, etc)
- internals/stretch's (sometimes there is a need for them, but not always)
- inducing (not always needed, depends on situation, but I find doctors induce willy/nilly)
- multiple ultrasounds (if you do your research there, they have not been proven to harm, but also have not been proven to NOT harm the baby)

So I say, do your research and get 2nd and 3rd opinions if you are unsure about something.
I've been misdiagnosed before by 2 doctors with prolapse...turns out to be a cyst.

Doctors are human too, they don't know everything.

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