Thursday, October 9, 2008

Examination Of Conscience

How to make a good examination of conscience:

One who goes to Confession frequently need not spend too much time in examining his conscience, wearying his mind to no purpose and giving scrupulosity a chance to gain a foothold. The examination should be calm, but earnest.

The first step is earnest prayer to the Holy Ghost to ask for light and grace to know and detest one's sins. The examination should bring to mind the time of the last good Confession and whether or not the penance was performed. It should cover one's sins of thought, word, deed, desire, and omission:

1) Against the Commandments of God,
2) Against the Precepts, or Laws, of the Church,
3) With regard to the Seven Capital Sins,
4) Regarding neglect of the duties of one's state of life, and
5) Concerning the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy omitted.

Those who examine their conscience every night and go to Confession will readily remember any mortal sins that have been committed. But for such that go to Confession rarely and are addicted to sinful habits, or have made a number of unworthy Confessions, more than a passing glance at their conscience is needed. Such persons ought to begin their self-examination a few days before going to Confession, remembering that this Confession may perhaps decide the fate of their soul for eternity.

~Confession It's Fruitful Practice


Aunt Laura said...

You are absolutly right. I need to going again.

Batjacboy said...

Confession: It's like taking a shower--for your soul.

Rita said...

I like that Batjacboy!!

Mama said...

There may be some who avoid making unworthy confessions because of sins that they feel cannot be forgiven. To clarify, God in his purity may forgive, but the sinner is unable to accept being forgiven in regards to what may be an unacceptable offense.

Rita said...

So, does that mean that the sinner knows better than God?

Mama said...

More like the sinner feels unworthy of God's forgiveness in that the sinner was aware of the sin at the time of the decision to offend God. Could rosaries for all eternity be enough? Personally, I find "I'm sorry" offensive, the goal is not to commit an offense that requires apology.

Batjacboy said...


Holy cow, woman!!! The only thing standing between you and God is all that stinkin' thinkin'!

Just go to confession--let Him handle the rest.

Trust, woman, trust. Less about how you feel, more about what He wants.

Mama said...

Thank you Batjacboy. Point taken.

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