Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 1

When we first arrived in Paris in was around 10:30 AM, and we we're exhausted. We took a taxi to the hotel, and then we decided to take a tour on a double decker bus. Before we went looking for a bus we went looking for food, we found a place near the Eiffel Tower that had great looking sandwiches so we stopped there. We had lunch on a park bench near the Eiffel Tower, it was perfect. The weather was nice, the sandwiches were the best we had on the whole trip, and we were in Paris, what's not perfect about that?

After lunch we went looking for the tour bus, we sat on the top for a better view. We drove by the Louvre, the Opera House, Notre-Dame, and Les Invalides. What I saw of it was beautiful, I was so cold & tired that I kept nodding off (I wasn't the only one), as a result (and the fact that I forgot to change the batteries in my camera) I only took a handful of pictures that day.

Once we were ready to get off the bus we went out to dinner, I had Onion Soup and Duck, I can't remember what Paul and Sharon had as a main course, I know Paul had Onion Soup and Sharon had a salad that had Avocados on it. I guess I should have taken better notes. We were extremely tired after dinner but it wasn't quite late enough to go to bed, so we went searching for glace (ice cream), once we were finished with that it was time for bed.

View from our room

From the sandwich shop

From the park

The Louvre (sorry there isn't more, my camera died just after taking this)


Aunt Laura said...

Wow sound like a wonderful time.

Ruthie said...

How pretty!

Ruthie said...

By the way, welcome home!!!

Hope I get to see you soon.

Mama said...

Wonderful, wondrful, wonderful.

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