Saturday, January 30, 2010

Church Traditions

Wearing a veil to Mass or Adoration is one of my favorite traditions. Veiling yourself in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament is a symbol of dignity and humility, and it makes me very sad that it is a tradition which is hardly practiced. The Tabernacle is usually veiled (or it should be) because it is a Sacred Vessel, and women should also be veiled because we too are sacred vessels.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I'm investing in a parish tabernacle veil :)...Veiling is such a beautiful practice :)

Grace said...

Absolutely! However, I noticed the sweet little girl in the picture wearing a black veil. Traditionally, married women wore black as a sign that they are married, and virgins wear white veils as a sign of purity and virginity.

God bless you!
Grace Marie

Gina said...

I love the new blog outlay!

"Hunie" said...

I own over 20 different veils/mantillas... do you think I have a problem? :-)

Molly said...

Grace, I did not know that bit of information. I see all sorts of people wearing just about any color veil you could think of.

Hunie, maybe someday I'll catch up to you. Right now I only have 2 black & 1white.

Dominic Mary said...

Grace is right in effect; but it's actually a throwback to the old tradition in Southern Europe, where you put on a black veil if you were in mourning, and as most women old enough to be married were in mourning for someone most of the time, they tended to wear black veils almost all the time.

Personally, I like Molly's idea : what about matching the liturgical colour, for instance ? After all, it's the veil that's important, not the colour - be brave, and start your own trend.

yes - but only in deciding which one to wear today !

Molly said...

Gina, thank you for the comment on the backround, I can't even tell you how many I tried before I found this one.

Sarah said...

Lovely blog, also I recently learned, white for unmarried girls, beige for married women and black for widows....The beige is pretty hard to find so black for this married girl!

I have read many blog posts on veiling and I really just love the simple sentence...."women should also be veiled because we too are sacred vessels" Perfect :)

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