Monday, October 26, 2009

Wasabi Snack

During my shopping trip to Trader Joe's I came across "Wasabi Tempura Seaweed Snacks" and since I love every ingredient in the name I just had to try them, and I'm so glad I did. They're wonderful.

What is your favorite snack?


Jen said...

ooo sounds interesting... I like the chocolate covered sunflower seeds from there.

Batjacboy said...

Fat free cheese.

Molly said...

Fat Free Cheese???????

I bet that's real tasty! lol

Marilyn said...

We just finished Japan week and my kids LOVE anything Wasabi - we got the rice crackers from TJs and they pretended they were Samurai and for some reason yelled "Kodomono Hi" and then ate the really spicy Wasabi ones!!
My favorite snack right now is either homemade chex mix or Mighty Bites cereal (which is supposed to be for my 2 year old!)

Penny said...

Hi, good stuff here. I'm a newbie reader of yours, but will be back!

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