Monday, October 19, 2009

Photoshop is Amazing!

Paul took a picture of me that did not come out well at all, but he liked it. So I did the best I could to fix it for him.

I can't believe I'm showing you both pictures, but here you go.


& After

It's not perfect, but still an amazing difference, & even though I have no nose & half a mouth in the second photo, I like it.


Batjacboy said...

That's Purty!!!!!!!!

But why don't you like the first one??? That one's purty too!!!!

Allison said...

I like the overexposed look in the edited version, it's kind of neat.

What don't you like about the original?

Jean M. Heimann said...

You're silly!

You look beautiful in both!

Anonymous said...

I like the second one too. It has an antique quality to it. Sharon

Dawn said...

Your eyes really pop in the 2nd photo. However, you look fabulous inthe first one! Great smile!

Aunt Laura said...

I love them both.

Heidi said...

Sorry I have not commented in so long. You look beautiful in both pictures. Hope you are doing well.

Gina said...

Ha ha!
You're a clever cookie with your photoshop befor and after - lovely photo, you look so happy!

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