Saturday, October 31, 2009


Paul & I spent our Halloween putting up Christmas decorations and listening to Christmas music, and it was a lot of fun.

We still have to get the tree up, but we got our fireplace decorated, Christmas Pillows on the couch, snowman canisters on the counter, and knick-knacks all over.

I know it may seem a bit early but we love having our Christmas stuff up & figure one month isn't long enough.

We do have candy ready to hand out to any trick-or-treaters that come our way, but we don't expect very many. We did have one little boy about 3 yrs old who started wandering into the house, but that's it so far. Of course it's still early.

How did you spend Halloween??


Dawn said...

I love that you decorate for Christmas now! I do the opposite and keep the decorations up well into January and sometimes February. My Nativity sets out all year round.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

OmNomAlex said...

Hi Molly! It's Alex! =D

Christmas? Awww! D= Decorate for Pavo Day! Om nom nomm! I like Pavo. Soooo deelish. ^__^ I spent my Halloween running around with my friends and catching up with eachother. We played Kings Game and I danced the Fork in the Garbage Disposal with my friends Ali and Gel. =D And i went Trick or Treating and stuff. WOOOOOOO!! Candy!~♥

Sounds like you and Paul had loads of fun though! I wanna visit you, dood! =D Cos i miss you! OH! Have you ever met my bf? Just wondering. =] Ahhh! Why am i leaving you such a weird long comment? lol. I should've left this on ur Facebook. LOL! ok. well. i'll stop now. BYE!♥

Marilyn said...

I LOVE it Molly - my kids thing this is the coolest thing! We usually decorate the Friday aftern Thanksgiving - but everyone is already playing Christmas music in our house. And today I could not resist buying the Candy Cane Joe Joe's from Trader Joe's

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