Saturday, October 24, 2009

Movie Screening

I was discussing the movie Slumdog Millionaire with a friend a while back and since then I have been thinking about seeing it, but I had some concerns. I know the movie won or was nominated for all kinds of awards, which sad to say, made me sceptical of it's content. So today I asked Paul to do a search on the content of the film. Paul ended up finding a website he's never used before and I thought I would share it with all of you.

It's called Kids In Mind.

I often wonder how many ADULTS actually screen a movie's content for themselves & not just for the kids. I admit that sometimes I let the theme of the movie get me so interested I almost don't bother to look into it, but that is extremely rare nowadays.

Now I'm not saying it's always easy to make the choice of skipping a movie simply because it may show more than you'd want your child to see, especially in situations where you're around friends who couldn't care less about the inappropriateness of the film. I did not grow up in a "you can't watch that" household, but now as a grown woman I realize what damage is truly done to our minds and our souls from constant exposure to sexual content (even implied), extreme violence, etc...

If we are to remain pure of heart and childlike we must make a conscious effort to screen what we watch, listen to, and read at all times.

Please share your opinions/stories on this topic.
Added Later:
After making this post I starting thinking how over the last few years I have eliminated movies, books, and music that I thought were unsuitable. But now that I think about it, I realize there was one thing I hadn't given up: Grey's Anatomy. But from now on NO MORE Grey's. While I've grown attached to the characters, I have to admit that the storylines are a bit much.


Batjacboy said...

Very good post, Molly!!!!!!!!!!

Something we should all keep in mind.


Brooke H. said...

This is something that of late has been a topic at our household. It's only really come up seriously since we've become Catholics.

For now, I used for movie reviews. They're very good about screening content. My only wish is that they would have reviews up sooner (it sometimes takes a few days from the movie's release date).

One example: the last movie we went out to see was The Stepfather. Looked like a great thriller, and the preview didn't seem that bad. It was a good storyline, good movie, with one exception: the young man's girlfriend walked around in 95% of the film in a bikini, they made out, etc. Now there was nothing graphic at all, but it was completely unnecessary to the storyline! I wish they'd have just left it alone. We went to see it before we read the reviews. If we'd have waited, we might not have gone.

I agree with you that it's necessary for all of us to shield ourselves from unnecessary occasions of sin (which many of these films are), not just shield our children. It can be a very touchy topic with people who share our faith though, who don't want to so willingly give up on them on principle. It's difficult to find that middle ground with being able to appreciate the art and handle all the garbage that will inevitably come.

Aunt Laura said...

I think it is very important to keep children from watching movies that are not good for them. I always monitored what my girls watched until they were adults. And you are right i watch things sometimes that really are just not good for me too. But i love tv so much its is hard to break that habit.

I remember my mom told me once when i was a kid and wanted to see horror movies. My mom said if you watch those types of movies you are inviting the devil into your house and mind. I always told my girls the same thing. I still never watch that stuff.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. I use for my movie information and several times have ended up skipping a movie that looked OK from previews but turned out to be trashier than I thought after reading the online review of content. I think over the years we have become accustomed to unacceptable content in movies and TV, because we see it so much we just don't think about it any more. I also avoid woman's magazines. They not only have unsuitable material, but are so unrealistic that I really think that they are damaging to woman.
PS. I saw Slumdog Millionaire: totally depressing-you didn't miss a thing.

Marilyn said...

Great post Molly - I am going to link you.

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