Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Paul and I spent Thanksgiving day at his mom's, and we had a great time. The food was wonderful, especially the stuffing (I love stuffing). I think Paul had about six servings of turkey and one serving of everything else. The turkey was really good, and I would have had more, but then I wouldn't have room left for more stuffing. Yummmmmmmm!!!

The next day we went back to his mom's. I wanted to learn how to make cookies, (bon-bons, & spritz) so I spent the day helping (more like slowing down) Sharon and Daria (sisters-in-law). It was a lot of fun.

After the Holidays are over Paul's mom is going to teach me how to make bread.

Saturday my mom came over to help me fix the branches on the Christmas tree, then went spent the whole day shopping for ornaments and other decorations. We haven't decorated the tree yet but the mantle looks really cute.

My mom went to Mass with us on Sunday morning then we went out to brunch.

Then Paul and I went home to take a nap.

We had a wonderful weekend, and I hope all of you did too. I would love to hear your stories as well.


Aunt Laura said...

I am so glad to hear that your thanksgiving was wonderful. We had a great time to. Don't forget we are making cookies next monday. Love ya.

Mama said...

Mama had a wonderful time, and took a nap when she got home too. Love & Hugs.

Heidi said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My Thanksgiving happened to be a two day event. My parents had friends over from their church on Thanksgiving Day and then the rest of the family came over on Friday. Luckily, my parents handled it very well and we all had a lot of fun. The holidays are always my favorite because I love being with family.

P.S. I love that you take naps. They are my favorite.

Ruthie said...

Aw, it sounds like you had a lot of fun.

Hope I get to see your tree all decorated glowly sparkly!

Love to you and Paul.

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