Thursday, December 11, 2008

Prince Edward Island

I've always loved the story of Anne Of Green Gables, and since I was a little girl I've wanted to visit Prince Edward Island. I would love to see everything Anne that there is to see and just enjoy the beauty all around. I know there is an Annual Lucy Maud Montgomery Festival (Lucy's the author), the Festival includes daily performances by "Anne" and "Diana," traditional music, readings from Montgomery's work (including Anne of Green Gables), period games, ice cream socials, barn dances, fish-tasting feasts, and a memorial service for Montgomery. Those are just a few of the events.

Of course if you do visit PEI where else is there to stay but Dalvay by the Sea Hotel, now famous as the "White Sands Hotel" featured in the Sullivan Entertainment production (where Anne delivers a fine performance of "The Highwayman"). Today, the Dalvay retains its reverence for a quieter time. There are no telephones, no radios and no televisions in any of the guest rooms. Visitors are encouraged to read by one of the over sized fireplaces (my hubby would love that), or play the piano, or go for a walk by the beach.



Mama said...

I love all the pictures. Especially of Meagan as our 'Anne girl'. Oh, and the one of her and Gilbert on the bridge is lovely too. I hope that someday you get to visit Prince Edward Island with your 'Gilbert'. The hotel looks like a place in a dream. How beautiful. Love, Mama

Heidi said...

Wow, those pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I want to go. I am trying to finish up finals, but want to be anywhere, but in the library studying. Maybe someday!! Thanks for the lovely post.

Aunt Laura said...

That seems like a beautiful place to visit. Maybe your husband will take you someday. I think it will be great to just sit back and relax with out all the rat race.

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