Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My First Centerpiece

Yesterday I spent the day with Ruth (sister) and we had a wonderful time.

When we arrived at a shopping center to have lunch Ruth pointed out a Pier 1 Imports, so I thought it would be fun to walk around, so we did. While looking I was inspired to create a center piece. Ruth helped me select the candles and the other items used, I was so excited that I wanted to go home & put it together right away. But I was hungry!!!

We had lunch at The Soup Plantation and it was really good, I love that place, I love making my own salads when I don't have to chop the veggies myself.

After lunch we went on a little adventure. I had figured how to get to the nearest Trader Joe's from the shopping center we were in, well i guess I made a wrong turn somewhere along the way and didn't realize it for quite awhile. A 7-10 minute drive ended up taking about 40 minutes. But we had a great time together.

Here are some pictures of my centerpiece.


Batjacboy said...

Very festive, Rita.

Can't wait to see your Christmas decorations.

Aunt Laura said...

Wow that is beautiful. I love it.

Rita said...

The Christmas decorations will be put up the day after Christmas

Mama said...

Keats would have loved it and so do I. "Season of mists..."(Ode to Autumn). The combination of colours is perfect for this time of year. I hope you enjoy it for the next twelve days. October 1st is just around the corner.

Ruthie said...

Yay! I am so glad it turned out so well. I can't wait to see it on your table. :hint, hint:

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