Monday, September 15, 2008

8 Facts About Guinea Pigs

A guinea pig’s pregnancy lasts about 60-70 days.

In some parts of the world, guinea pigs are eaten as food.

One way that guinea pigs communicate is through a high pitched squeal.

Guinea pigs usually weigh about 24-32 ounces.

Guinea pigs have difficulty in judging heights, so you should never leave a pet guinea pig alone in a high place such as on a table, etc.

The origin of the guinea pig is South America.

The origin of the guinea pig is South America.

An average size for an adult guinea pig is two pounds.


Mama said...

I wonder if their lack of depth perception is due to the fact that they are ground dwellers who burrow underground for protection & nesting. There would never be a need for that visual ability because they are not high climbers and would never be in a high space unless someone put them there.

Rita said...

Hey, thanks for the added info!!!

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