Monday, September 1, 2008

Slide Show


Batjacboy said...

Cool slide show!!!

Very impressive, Rita.

Aunt Laura said...

Oh i just love this slide show. Has anyone told you how beautiful you are. Well just let me say Beautiful,Beautiful,Beautiful.

Batjacboy said...

Yeah, and super cute too!

Aunt Laura said...

I think you are right super cute too!

Anonymous said...

How lovely you look and what a handsome husband. It appears the holy spirit has been calling you. How full of joy I am to see that you have been led to the fullness of faith that is the Catholic Church. There were many years I have attended masses at San Secondo de Asti offering up masses for my children and guess what, (I didn't leave you out either)for so many years I loved you like one of my own. I see that Fr. Marx married you two. He is one of my favorite priests. He baptised Conner, Faith and Frankie(Jen's boy)We were thrilled when Casey and Cory came home and told us that they saw you at San Secondo. Congratulations on embracing the catholic faith, may God continue to bless you and Paul. You two look so happy together.
Love and Smiles, Debbie Spolar

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