Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Feast Day

"Sisters, be careful where you look, where you go, and with whom you convene. There is always danger in what we see becoming the occasion of offense against God and our vow." ~St. Rita

When I chose St. Rita as my Confirmation saint, I had no real information to go on. Paul and I were in the car, on our way to Sacramento where I would be Baptized, Confirmed, and receive my first Holy Communion. Selecting a saint was something we only thought of hours before leaving, so Paul printed out a list of saints with brief descriptions next to the name, it was actually one word next to each name, telling what they were the patron saints of.

St. Rita was listed as the patron saint of loneliness, and though it may sound sad, that's exactly what drew me to her. So without knowing anything else I decided on St. Rita of Cascia. I'm almost glad I was under pressure otherwise I might have had more trouble choosing a saint.

Once I started reading about her life I realized how perfect it was, not because we are so much alike, but because she is exactly who I should try to emulate. All of St. Rita's strengths are my weaknesses, and because of that I believe we are a perfect match.

I have since realized that she is more commonly known as the saint of the impossible, and after reading her life story I know this to be true. I've read 3 books on St. Rita and I really feel that this one is THE BEST, you should read it. I'm not sure if EWTN will be showing the movie called Saint Rita with Vittoria Belvedere, but if you have not seen it and plan to, DON'T!! Or if you do, watch it with the understanding 98% (my opinion) is not accurate. This movie is very far removed from the true life of this amazing saint, the directors definitely took a great deal of poetic licence.

Happy feast day St. Rita!!


Marilyn said...

Happy Feast Day Molly! Thanks for the book recommendation. And for the heads up on the movie - I had been considering it but all the reviews I read seemed to say it was not an accurate depiction of her life.

Have a blessed day.

Rita’s Spiritual Goods said... i think you will love it!

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