Thursday, May 20, 2010

Convert Stories

Reading Rome Sweet Home has inspired me to read more convert stories, and rather than buy new books I asked Paul what he had & he gave me Surprised By Truth. Even though I did not experience most of their struggles with Catholic teachings, since I had no strong previous religious background, I love hearing their stories.

So far I have only read 3 of the 11 convert stories in this book, and so far I think it's great. All 3 started out as Protestant ministers (or studied to be), and the further they dived into studying came to the realization that the "Catholic faith is the faith of the Bible."

I feel that reading these types of convert stories are very helpful to all Catholics as way of studying apologetics too. I do not spend as much time studying apologetics as I should, and I've found their stories are pretty helpful in this area.


Batjacboy said...

Great post, Molly!!

I've read Surprised by Truth I and II. Both were very good. I hear there's a Vol. III now, too.

JoannaB said...

As a Catholic Convert myself I loved both these books. :)

Marilyn said...

We love all the "convert" books Molly. Abby is reading several for Apologetics next year - I have a list under her Theology plan on my blog,

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