Friday, May 29, 2009

Modest Swimwear

It's a dreaded time of year (well, almost) for me as far as what to wear when a bathing suit is required. The "modest" bathing suit I ordered last year turned out to be backless and the straps do not stay in place if you're actually swimming, which is a problem for me since I like to play in the water with the kids. I can't believe some of the bathing suits I've seen in the stores, especially Target, most of the one pieces there have large cut outs on the sides. HELLO!!!

I did a search again this year and the picture below is the one I liked best. Last years suit looked like a regular bathing suit so nobody made any comments, but I am fully aware of what lays ahead if I chose this style. I do not preach modesty to my friends & family but i do try my best to dress that way. I do love wearing jeans & always have, but the tops I chose to wear do not show my chest or bra strap, I also will not buy a skirt if it is above the knee, and for this I do get made fun of at times. But I don't mind it too much.

The bathing suit here can be found at Christa-Taylor.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the info and the modesty links in the side bar! I have this swimsuit problem every year too.

RD said...

Good on you, you sound like you are setting a very good example, esp around your family and friends.
Love the bathing suit, plain and simple, won't go out of could wear it for years.

RD said...

By the way, thanks 4 sharing on my blog - I can't imagine what you are going through.
Nothing anyone says makes you feel any better, only God can ease the pain as you said.
Have you tried seeing a Naturopath?
It has been a success for 2 of my friends.
My prayers are with you. x

Aunt Laura said...

I really like that bathing suit. Wish i had the body to even attempt to wear a swim suit. And no one should make fun. I love it.

Aunt Laura said...

I really love the style of clothes by christa taylor

Mama said...

Whatever makes you feel comfortable is what you should wear. The most comfortable bathing suit for me at my age is not to expose myself in one at all. My pool party days are definitely over, so have fun and wear what you like.

Rose said...

Thank you Molly, for following my blog! Out of curiosity, how did you find it?

Molly said...


I was checking out A Maidens Wreath & noticed you also broused throught the followers.

You beautiful picture caught my attention and that led me to your blog, and I liked it very much.

Elena said...

I love that suit! Might see how I can work it into the budget!

Modestkini said...

I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.Thanks for sharing

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