Sunday, May 24, 2009

Catholic Beliefs

Today is the first day of an online course I signed up for. The course is the same as the title of this post. Part of the course involves posting a reflection I think once a week on the questions or statements which they provide.

I will be posting both the questions and my reflection for all of you to read, and please add your own if you wish. I would love to hear what you have to say.

Here you go!!

What is your earliest memory of realizing that you were Catholic? What did that mean to you? What in our culture makes it difficult to be a believer?

My mom was raised Catholic and although I was always fascinated by the Catholic faith I still knew nothing. I also never asked any questions, I never knew what questions to ask. Once I met Paul (my husband) and saw how true to his faith & what an awesomely good person he is, (long before we started dating) I started asking & learning. It wasn't long before I was serious about converting to the Catholic faith. I was baptized in July of 2007. I received the Sacraments from an FSSP Priest in Sacramento and I was immediately drawn to the Traditional Latin Mass and since then we have been attending the TLM. Since my Baptism I have felt a sense of peace and strength in my soul that I can’t quite explain.

I don’t find that it is difficult to “believe” as much as is it difficult to stay true to what we believe. For me it is often very difficult. There are only 3 other members of my family that are Catholic but I am the only one that is practicing. It is difficult for most to understand why I will not participate in certain celebrations/activities and I know it will only get worse once we have children because we will not allow them to be exposed to anything that might injure their souls.


Aunt Laura said...

I am so excited that you signed up for this online class. I will truly love reading all of it.

I love what you wrote about believing. And i totally understand what you mean. All i can say is be true to who you are and what you believe. Its not always the most popular thing to do but then again i have always felt the people should do what is best for them not what is best for others. As far as family goes i can only speak for myself and i love you and that is all that will ever matter. Always do what you believe. Sorry if this didn't come across well i can't seem to put into words what i feel.

Brooke H. said...
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Brooke H. said...

I understand exactly what you mean about family and future children. I agree 100%. I am so excited to find another TLM-goer on blogger! I love it more and more each time. My husband and I recently decided that if the time ever comes when we are blessed with children, then they will be baptized and receive all the other sacraments in the Latin rite. My parents would probably think I'm crazy, (not that they already don't because I actually "practice" my faith), but it's doing God's will for our lives that matters most. Hopefully we can get to know each other more in time. :)

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