Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!

God our Father, the birth of
your Son Jesus Christ brought great
joy to Mary and Joseph. We give thanks
to you for Paul whose birthday
we celebrate today.
May he ever grow in your faith,
hope, and love.
We ask this in the name
of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Batjacboy said...


How sweet of you!!!!

Aunt Laura said...

Happy Birthday Paul. I hope it is filled with love and happiness. Oh ya and lots of Cake.

Ruthie said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite brother in law.

(Molly, shush!)

But seriously, I hope you have an splendid day.

We love you.

Ruthie said...

Oh, since my sister is baking now, did you get a cake??

Or is she going to get to it eventually as she is busy fighting dust bunnies?


See you Tuesday!

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