Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Food For Thought

Be still, my soul, be still!
what you are going through is God's will.
You are in His hands and under His care,
so be still, my soul, be still!

Hush, oh my heart, just hush!
for there is no reason to rush.
Just follow His will, belong to Him still,
and hush, dear heart, just hush!

Forget it, my mind, forget it!
your old ways can never be fit.
For you now live His way, remember this pray,
Must forget it, old ways --forget it!

Obey, now my body, obey!
see you can't rule me now away.
For Jesus is Lord, oh lips speak His word,
and obey, now my body, obey!

Be giving, now whole self, be giving!
to Jesus who Lords over the living.
With Him you have died, in Him cricified,
Be giving, now whole self, be giving!

~ Monica Davis


Anonymous said...

Okay Rita, what's happening? Should I send Godiva?

Rita said...

There's absolutely nothing going on that would require such an act.

I simply found this poem, liked it, and thought that someone else would like it aswell.

Not everything has a hidden meaning.

I like to give people things to read that might cause them to reflect on their own circumstances and actions.

That is all I was trying to do.

But thanks for the offer.

Batjacboy said...


I really liked that! It sounds like a lot of the concepts are straight out of the "Imitation of Christ."

Aunt Laura said...

I ready this poem and i loved it. Thanks so much for posting.

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