Monday, July 28, 2008

Honeymoon Pics

I finally figured out how to get these pictures on the computer. Here's just a small sample.


Aunt Laura said...

Wow those are fantastic. What great shots u got. What a wonderful experiance.

Rita said...

It was a lot of fun! I can't wait for our trip in october.

Anonymous said...

You stayed at the Hotel S. Anna?
In other words the Hotel St. Anne?
How prophetic.
The pictures are lovely but the one taken in the car is the one I like best. The cutest couple ever.
Please humor me and say that you shed at least one tear at the coloseum. How blessed you are to have spent your honeymoon in such an inspirational setting.

Aunt Laura said...

Where are you going in October?

Batjacboy said...

Keep putting up more pictures, Rita.

You're a very good photographer.

Brooke H. said...

That must have been such a beautiful experience! Rome is the only place that I really really really want to go to during my life that I haven't already.

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