Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For The Courtyard

After months of looking & looking we finally found a set of patio furniture that we both really liked.

The pillows are much brighter in person!! Oh, there's a second chair too, but it wouldn't fit in the picture.

I know, I know, the plastic cover is still on the table. We'll take it off eventually.


Anonymous said...

Though it is very simple and conservative, so are the both of you and it looks great. Perfect for conversation, relaxation & contemplation. Accessories will give it any specific flavor or celebratory atmosphere that is required when entertaining (?!?!?!)
WOW!!! I just noticed that the patio has been set, how exciting.

Aunt Laura said...

Very nice. I really like it.

Batjacboy said...


My advice is: never ever remove the plastic cover. It'll protect the glass from scratches.

Rita said...


You sound just like my husband!


Batjacboy said...


Your husband sounds like a REALLY smart guy!

You should listen to him.

Anonymous said...

Let me go on record right now that I will volunteer at any time of the day or night to remove the plastic covers.

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