Monday, May 19, 2008

Eating Meat on Fridays

I have often wondered what people are taught now days about eating meat on Fridays. My husband and I don't eat meat on Friday all year long. I had been taught that if you chose to eat meat on Fridays then you must give up something else. Unless you have some sort of addiction to something, I don't see how giving something else up would benefit. Remembering not to eat meat is great effort and shows discipline and control. I love potatoes, and I thought I could use that as a replacement but I go a day or two without potatoes all of the time, it would not be that great of an effort/sacrifice. What is so wrong with making a small sacrifice for the BIG Sacrifice He made on Good Friday??

I did some searching and found this link about the topic.


Aunt Laura said...

I grew up with lots of friend who did not eat meat on fridays. My girlfriend sandy and her family never eat meat on friday. maybe ready this blog will give me the boost i need to redefine who i am help me to get back to what i should do.

Rita said...

The friends I hd as a child all ate meat, and they had no idea that they were supposed to give up anything anymore.

How sad that no one takes the time to look further into these things, or tech properly.

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