Thursday, July 1, 2010

Con Game

This article was written in April, but I still think it's worth posting. It was written by Steve Kellmeyer.

It's time to de-mythologize the Catholic abuse scandal.

The linked column below highlights the following facts (and others besides):

As the recent Newsweek story pointed out, the Catholic Church does not molest at a rate different from other segments of the population. They don't pay higher insurance premiums, the stats don't support it.

Indeed, according to the statistics produced by the New York Times and Newsweek, celibate Catholic priests actually offend at a rate 5 TIMES LOWER than any other known group.

For every one case of Catholic priest abuse, there are five cases of Protestant or rabbinic abusing children.

For every one case of Catholic priest abuse, there are 2000 cases of public school teachers abusing children.

In Islam, child abuse is actually a moral good. Marrying a a child under ten to a man of 40 or 50 who has other wives is common, accepted, and often perfectly legal.

Thus, for every one case of Catholic priest abuse, there are literally tens of thousands of cases of Muslim abuse.

Furthermore, if you chart the incidence of abuse against the year it happened (as the linked article above does), you'll see that abuse cases began to drop dramatically the same year Cardinal Ratzinger was appointed head of the CDF, and exactly two years after John Paul II became Pope.
By the time the news media began to report on it, the rate had already been crushed into the dust by those two men.

Now, who is to blame for the continuing sexual abuse that takes place in public schools, at rates far higher than in Catholic parishes? Who is to blame for the cover-up and the non-reporting on that much more common and serious abuse?

Over the last fifty years, Catholic priests have produced an average of 220 cases of abuse each year.

Over the last ten years, public schools have produced an average of 450,000 abuse cases each year.

There should be thousands of news stories and media reports on public school and Muslim abuse for every one story of Catholic abuse. Instead, there is virtually nothing on public school sexual abuse and absolutely
nothing on Muslim rates of abuse.

So, while Catholic abuse happens, given the distorted coverage, it is clear a political game is being played here.

Have you been conned by the media and other liberal liars?
So have a lot of other people.

The question is - do you like being conned?


Batjacboy said...

The John Jay College of Criminal Justice did a study on pedophilia in 2004 after the scandal broke.

They found that Catholic priests have the LOWEST pedophilia rate of any male demographic tested.

Katie said...

Another great post I had to link to. So often I've wanted to express this very thing but didn't have the words! Thanks, Molly!

Aunt Laura said...

Thank you for posting this.

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