Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quiet Moments

You would think that I would have many "quiet moments" given that I spend a big part of the day by myself, but that all depends on what you mean by a quiet moment. When I think of a quiet moment I don't think of just being alone and in silence, I think of something much better.

A quiet moment is a moment of peace, when the scene that surrounds you is so relaxing that it calms not just your nerves but your mind, and helps you see everything more clearly. When I have these moments I am usually left with an energy that I may not have had in awhile. I know when I experience a quiet moment I get inspired to do all sorts of things, like baking, cook something I haven't tried yet, create a few blog posts, call my mom when she's not at work & can actually talk, lie on the couch and read the entire afternoon, plan something fun, or just clean the house.

Quiet moments are important and usually much needed for everyone from time to time, but also hard to come by. Creating moments for yourself is sometimes just as beneficial as the moment itself, and I wish I did that more often.

Here are some of my favorite quiet moments.

* Walking around Home Depot (no really). I love looking at all the flowers and imagining how they would look around our home, and there's just something about flowers that bring me closer to God than I may have been 5 minutes prior.

* Looking through cookbooks. Not only does it relax me & have me wanting to make something bad & really fattening, but I enjoy it so much that when I'm done I feel as if I've had a mini vacation from my brain. Love it.

* Going for a walk with Paul. I do most of the talking on these walks (and every other time too) and between the exercise and being able to just let everything out it's like someone gave me a shot of adrenaline, and it usually lasts a couple days, at least. OK, it might not be quiet, but it has the same effect.

* Adoration. Spending time kneeling in front of the Blessed Sacrament does wonders for one's soul. I believe that's when I pray my best and truly remember all of the little things I'm blessed with and grateful for. A moment spent with the Lord is always the best moment.

What are your favorite "Quiet Moments"?


Batjacboy said...

I have 2:

1. Going to the golf course at 5:30 AM and hitting balls off the range when I'm the only one there.

2. Being in a church by myself.

Just me 'n God.

I look at Him.

He looks at me.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I love going to Church when no one's there and having my time with Jesus in the tabernacle. it's my preferred way for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament :)

Mama said...

Sitting quietly on my sofa, me at one end and my daughter Molly cuddled in a blankie on the other. No talking, just watching Anne of Green Gables and sharing the moment. It's a feeling in my heart that lasts a long time.

Marilyn said...

I love waking up really early - creeping down the stairs so that nobody wakes up - and then spending time in my favorite prayer sofa in front of the window - praying, meditating and watching the sun rise with a big mug of strong tea.

Equal favorite - waking up for night time nursing. So many people complain about the night time wakings - but I actually quite enjoy them - the peace and quiet and contentment of cuddling my baby in peace and quiet and harmony.

Aunt Laura said...

Best quite moments for me is watching my girls sleep. Even as adults when they are here i love to look in on them while they sleep. It gives me such a sense of peace.

Josette said...

quiet moments for me are in the evenings, I pray, take warm (uninterrupted shower)and reread old childhood books. I have reading "the secret garden" and very much enjoying myself.

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