Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ads In Comments

For the last month I've been getting comments made in old posts that aren't comments at all, they're advertisements. I'm not even sure what the ads are for, I just don't publish them, but it's getting annoying. I am glad I moderate my comments now though. It makes it much easier to delete.

Is this happening to anyone else?? If so, are you just as bothered by this as I am, or am I just too easily annoyed in this case?


Brooke H. said...

It was happening to me when I turned off the captcha word verification. I put it back on, and they stopped.

Molly said...


Thanks for the help. I'm glad to finally know the purpose of the word verification. I never had that set up & probably would never have made the connection.


Angela said...

Yes, I've been getting really strange ones to boot!! lol. Wondered what was going on.

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