Monday, July 6, 2009

This Made Me Cry!

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Brian said...

Hello Molly -

Yes - this video can really bring one to tears, Amazing - how many of us have God given gifts that nobody, not even ourselves, can see, or HEAR. We have to realize that EVERYONE has a special God given gift. We all have a part in the "Body of Christ." We just need to find a key to unlock the door - that key may be friend, maybe a faith filled spiritual director.

Molly - have you and your husband ever worked with the Missionaries of Charity? I have been a co-worker for 10 years now in NJ. Although my spiritual director is a Franciscan Friar, every MC sister is a spiritual director for me. Your blog says to me says that you have a big sharing heart - you will meet many souls like yourself working with the mc sisters. And you can find their missions in many states, maybe near you.

check out

God bless you!

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