Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daily Actions

I will examine how I perform the ordinary actions of the day.

Have I risen at the sound of the bell and immediately turned my thoughts to God and to the subject of my meditation?

Have I prepared well the points of my meditation, and sincerely tried to make to make a good one; applying my memory, understanding, and will, and taking practical resolutions?

Did I hear Mass with reverence and receive Holy Communion with due preparation and thanksgiving?

Have I recited my prayers with attention and devotion, remembering that I was then praising God in the name of the whole mystical Body of Christ and in union with the saints and angels in heaven?

Have I applied myself seriously and constantly to my duties and occupations, with a right intention, seeing the dispositions of Providence in all circumstances of the day?

Have I avoided sensuality and selfishness in eating and drinking, and attended to the wants of my neighbor at table?

Have I been faithful in my devotions to the Sacred Heart, the Blessed Virgin, St. Joseph, my patrons and my guardian angel?

From Catholic Prayer Book


Batjacboy said...

Good post, Molly!! A good reminder, at the perfect time of year.

Heidi said...

Happy Easter Molly!

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