Saturday, June 6, 2009

Catholic Beliefs Course (dashboard topic)

Archbishop Pilarczyk states, “The only way to be in touch with the Resurrection of Jesus is to be in touch with the realm of God through faith, to have handed ourselves over to God’s realities, to have offered ourselves to play our part in God’s story...” What difference does the Resurrection of Jesus make in what you believe? In how you live your life?

The Resurrection gives us the hope that in the end we ourselves will be resurrected and join Jesus in heaven. But you cannot hope without faith -- faith in God’s plan for us for our souls and eventually our bodies. It is because of Jesus’ Resurrection that I have both the faith and the hope in joining Him in His kingdom. Having that hope is an amazing gift. I start every day knowing that how I choose to live my life will determine where I will spend eternity. It is the hope of heaven that makes tough choices easier.

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