Tuesday, April 14, 2009

That Catholic Show - Water, Water Everywhere


Heidi said...

I decided to watch your You Tube video during my lunch break and I have to admit it was very informative. I didn't know a lot of the things that were brought up in the clip. I am not Catholic, but my Dad was raised Catholic so you would think I would know a little more. Thanks for sharing though. I always love learning new things.

Rita said...


My mom was also raised Catholic and although I was always facinated by the Catholic faith I still knew nothing. I also never asked any questions, I never knew what questions to ask.

Once I met Paul and saw how true to his faith & what an awesomely good person he is, (long before we started dating) I started asking & learning.

It wasn't long before I was serious about converting to the Catholic faith.

Mama said...

And I am extrememly happy that you did. I was always glad to have had that foundation for my life.

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