Monday, January 5, 2009

For My Sister

Well, I finally loaded the pictures from the France trip that were taking with my regular camera, and they look great. The color is a lot better, so I think I will definitely start using this one more often.

These pictures are from a cemetery that we just happened to stumble on the first night we were in Carcasson.

The first picture was taking that night with the digital, and since the cemetery was closed we went back the next day.

The rest of the pictures are with my Pentax (not digital), and they are beautiful, and I thought that my sister would love to see them and maybe even take a copy.


Mama said...

The pictures with your regular camera are absolutely fantastic. Wow! I with you would have had that camera along when we did our trip across this country. Imagine the beautifuyl pictures, oh, and cemeteries.

Ruthie said...

Oh wow. I definitely will be stealing..I mean relocating these incredible pictures.

Such beauty..

Aunt Laura said...

What beautiful pictures. I love seeing pictures of old cemetaries.

Batjacboy said...

You've got a great eye there Rita.

You just seem to know what's going to make a great picture.

Keep them coming!

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