Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama Says A Baby Is A Punishment


Batjacboy said...

He thinks of a baby as a punishment--it's no wonder he's willing to kill them so indiscriminately--early term, late term, born alive, etc.

Anonymous said...

I think you know what he was really saying. For a teenager having casual, unprotected sex, as baby is like a punishment. All of a sudden you've got another life you're responsible for while unable to care for yourself.

Who do you want as the alternative, McCain who knows jack about anything with Palin by his side who thinks Africa is a country, people who have no problem with war war war and wanting to start two more?

People like you make Christians look bad and are why people mock Christians. Tolerance. Learn some. And stop hating.

Rita said...

"All of a sudden you've got another life you're responsible for while unable to care for yourself.”

The key word there I believe is LIFE. Not being capable of caring for a child is no excuse for murder. There is always the option of adoption or do trusting in God that everything will work out.

Why is it that a person can be convicted of murdering an unborn child only if it's not what the mother wanted?

I'm so sick of people preaching tolerance in such an extreme fashion. I do believe that we all should be tolerant, but even that has its limits.

Being tolerant does not mean that I (or anyone else) have to be excepting of every immoral situation pushed onto the world.

Batjacboy said...

Excellent response, Rita! You hit the nail right on the head--several times.

Anonymous: A baby is not "like" a punishment: a baby is a baby. Diminishing its dignity to being "like" a punishment is despicable.

And this has nothing to do with McCain/Palin. This has to do with Obama's voting NUMEROUS times to allow babies born alive to be allowed to die of neglect. That's negligent homicide, or in common terms, murder.

Tolerance of murder is sick and despicable. Christians don't tolerate evil, because Christ didn't. And they mocked Him for it, so we don't mind being mocked as well. He did say, after all, that those who stood up for what is right would be. Big deal. Bring it on.

But we don't hate those, like Obama, who tolerate that type of killing--we just feel sorry for them.

PS. Read the news--the lie that Palin thought Africa was a country has already been disproven. Spreading those lies, like you have, discredits you and your point.

You lost your own argument.

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