Friday, June 20, 2008

How did this get started?

How did the story of Storks delivering babies to their parents start? I'm trying to find out but I'm not having much luck. Please help!

Here are a couple little facts about Storks!
*There are about 100,000 White Storks in Poland, so no wonder it's their national bird. Equally unsurprisingly, when the cold winter arrives in Eastern Europe, the storks fly down to Africa for an extended winter holiday.

*When storks' eggs hatch, the young are called goslings rather than chicks.

I'd really like to hear more facts if anyone has any.


Batjacboy said...


Storks are fertility symbols and are associated with springtime and birth. In some areas, it is thought that the stork can cause a woman to become pregnant merely by looking at her.

It was believed that the souls of unborn children lived in watery areas such as marshes, wells, springs, and ponds. Since storks frequented such areas, they were thought to fetch the babies' souls and deliver them to their parents.

Rita said...


That's much more fascinating then I would've imagined.


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